Our Story

The magazine has been a long time in the making.  Together our team has more than 30 years’ experience.  Our stories of WHY we began our journey of walking are all different.  But our endings joined us together with common goals, we wanted to feel better, be healthier and change our lifestyle for the long term.

It became apparent to us that as individuals we motivated many people along their journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle.  What better way to give back to those that mentored and motivated us, but to do the same on a grander scale.

Giving those just like us out there a forum and tool to share their stories and help motivate others that are looking but have no idea where to start.  Each of our stories, yours and ours, will motivate others in a different way.

We know this, everyone is different. We are not all the athletes you see on the front of most magazines these days.  Walking will connect you with people just like you, athlete or not.  Their stories are sure to inspire you!

Thank you for joining our journey!

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